BurnFree Burning box is a hard plastic box that contains a set of BurnFree burn dressings.

Burnfree burn dressings contain a gel consisting mainly of demineralized water and tree oil (< 1%). This first aid product slows down the effects of a burn by quickly cooling the injury site. The burn victim experiences pain relief and the risk of blistering is significantly reduced.


1 pc BurnFree Compress 30×30 cm

2 pcs BurnFree Compress 20×20 cm

2 pcs BurnFree Compress 10×10 cm

2 pcs BurnFree Compress 5×15 cm

2 pcs BurnFree Compress 5×5 cm

10 pcs Fixation bandage


Length 40 cm x Height 27 cm x Depth 13.5 cm

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