COURSE START Spring 2015: 15 April
COURSE DATE: April 15, April 22, April 29, May 6
TIME: 09: 00-17: 00

How good is not cheese? Cheese is one of our most important foods and it has been on our tables since time immemorial. In the past, cheese was a way of preserving milk. Cheese is also a culture that requires knowledge and experience. A cheese can be a whole meal in itself, but cheese is also excellent in different meal contexts. You never really have to throw away a cheese. Cheese is one of the most sustainable foods available and environmentally sound and important in cooking.

DU: No previous knowledge required. The course is suitable for you who are a cheese lover and work in the restaurant industry or as a salesman and need good references and broader knowledge in the subject. Or maybe you just want to learn about cheese and graduate fromager. Great focus is on tests but also on orienting basic theoretical knowledge.

• What is cheese?
• Cheese culture and the history of cheese
• From farm to fork: pasture, dairy animals, milk, manufacturing techniques, storage techniques, cheese in season, cheese in the meal, cheese buffet, cheese and drinks
Tests – we compare different types of milk, manufacturing techniques, storage times and origin
• Cooking with cheese – cheese dishes in season and for all occasions
Tasting drinks for cheese
• Written theory test and practical exam

Diploma after completing the course and passing the exam.

SCOPE: The cheese education extends over four full days, including examination and diploma.

COURSE LEADER: Lecturer from different parts of the cheese industry; researchers, cheese makers, national and international cheese traders and refiners / ripening warehouses.

LOCATION: Restaurant Academy, Rökerigatan 4, Stockholm

PRICE: SEK 9,900 excl. VAT


Contact us for registration of interest. We will return with more information and if there is a place.

Call us directly on 010-139 19 90

Restaurant Academy

The Restaurant Academy was founded in 1985 and offers training for the restaurant industry in Kitchen, Beverage, Confectionery, Service and Finance. Their premises in the Slakthus area in Stockholm have become a natural hub for restaurant managers, chefs, sommelier, bartenders and serving staff.

At the Restaurant Academy, Sweden’s leading lecturers from the industry work and international guest appearances are often made. Together, they develop Swedish gastronomy and capture the food and drink trends of the future.


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