Tailor-made online training

Now you can customize your own online course via our training platform ilearnzy. Here you can easily build your own training for your staff with movies, questions and course materials. You can follow up on how your employees are doing via statistics, and in that way ensure that everyone receives the level of knowledge you want. The education platform is responsive, which means that the student can complete their course via mobile, tablet or computer.

An education that can be good to invest in is a Personnel Policy that your new employees must complete before their first working day.

3 suggestions on how to use this service:

  1. Have an interactive test that your employees must complete. This can be on your personnel policy, tests before employment or a test after any other physical education you have had.
  2. Have videos and course materials (pdfs) in the system that your employees can read about when they feel like it.
  3. Have a full education with films, final exams and course materials.

Regardless of how you choose to use the service, you can easily follow your participants’ results.

Creating your own education does not have to be expensive. We have many years of experience in developing online pedagogical training and can guide you. Contact us and we will help you.

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Own customer portal

We can also offer a portal solution that we can adapt to your company’s graphic profile and guidelines. With your own portal, you get an overview of all your devices at the same time.

Contact us today and we will see how we can help you!

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