In an emergency, it is very important that there are evacuation boards with simple instructions on how to behave and where to go while waiting for the rescue service. You should have at least one evacuation plan per floor in your restaurant.

THE EVACUATION PLAN – a tool for prevention

The evacuation plan is a sign that shows escape routes, instructions in the event of a fire or other danger, location of manual alarm triggering equipment and alarm telephone and meeting place. The evacuation plan must be placed at a suitable reading height.

The evacuation plan has more functions than in emergency situations, for new employees and visitors it must function for preventive purposes as an information and training tool.

Swedish standard

Dafo’s evacuation plans are designed in accordance with Swedish Standard SS2875. They are equipped with symbols for evacuation and fire equipment as well as brief instructions on how to behave in the event of fire or danger.

The evacuation plan can be adapted to the special risks that exist in the workplace and add information about, for example, dangerous goods and safety equipment.

Additional product information

  • Size: A3
  • The plans are framed in aluminum with a front in plexiglass.
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