Dafo powder extinguisher is the most versatile wormer and is classified for all types of fire. They are filled with one of the market’s best high-power powders and extinguish fires in fibrous substances as well as in plastics, liquids and gases and in electrical equipment.

The extinguishers are easy to handle because you both carry the appliance and take care of starting and shutting down with the same hand.


Dafo powder extinguishers are tested and approved according to the European fire extinguisher standard EN 3 and CE marked.

Powder is the extinguishing agent that has the highest extinguishing effect and is most cost-effective. It extinguishes fire in three ways:

  1. The chain reaction in the fire is stopped. The powder binds the free radicals and stops continued combustion.
  2. The powder crystals melt and form a glaze on the burning substance. It effectively prevents re-ignition.
  3. The powder cools the fire. Energy is needed when the powder is broken down and melts.

The extinguisher can be used against electrical equipment because the extinguishing agent does not conduct current. The powder extinguishers are cold-resistant and can be placed outdoors even in winter.

Additional product information

  • Model: PD6GX
  • Powder content: 6 liters
  • Power class: 55A233BC
  • Weight loaded: 8.8kg
  • Height incl. valve: 50cm
  • Width incl. handle 24cm
  • Emptying time: 18sec
  • Throw length: 5-8m
  • Powder type: Glutex XK
  • Operating temperature: -10 to + 60 ° c
  • Brand: Dafo
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