Dafo foam extinguishers are filled with film-forming foam. The foam extinguishes and cools the burning substance and then remains as protection against re-ignition. Easy handling and high extinguishing effect also give the unaccustomed user the best conditions to cope with a fire incident.

The extinguishers are filled with film-forming foam and pressurized with nitrogen gas. The charge pressure is monitored with an easy-to-read manometer.

Wall hanger included. Vehicle and ship racks as well as different types of safety cabinets are available as accessories.

Easy handling

The extinguishers are easy to handle because you both carry the appliance and take care of starting and shutting down with the same hand. They have a sturdy carrying handle and a powerful trigger for opening and closing the valve.


The extinguishers are tested and approved according to the European fire extinguisher standard EN 3 and CE marked.

Additional product information

  • Model: SU9PX
  • Contents: 9 liters
  • Power class: 55A 233B
  • Weight loaded: 14.9kg
  • Brand: Dafo
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