The grease burner is a must in your kitchen environment. The grease fire extinguisher is specially developed for grease fires in the kitchen environment among fryers, stoves and frying tables. The extinguishers are filled with a unique extinguishing liquid developed for extinguishing cooking fat and oil. It has many times higher power than the previously used carbon dioxide leaks and the risk of burns due to splashing cooking oil has been minimized.

Burning fat has a temperature of about 400 ° c. The auto-ignition temperature is normally 330 to 350 ° C. As a result, re-ignition occurs after extinguishing unless the grease has cooled below the ignition temperature. The extinguishing agent should therefore also remain on the grease surface and prevent varicose veins. Today, many restaurant chains and fire brigades prescribe that grease extinguishers be installed in kitchens where fryers and frying tables are located.


Fire class F. Which means that the extinguisher is tested and approved for fire in cooking oil.

The criteria for approval are:

  • Test torches of up to 1 x 0.5 m with 75 liters of grease must be completely extinguished
  • No re-ignition must take place for 20 minutes after extinguishing
  • The fat must be cooled down to 30 ° C during the ignition temperature during the 20 minute period
  • No cooking fat must splash outside the test vessel during extinguishing

Additional product information

  • Model: W6DR
  • Contents: 6 liters
  • Power class: 13A75F
  • Weight loaded: 12.1kg
  • Height incl. valve: 53cm
  • Width incl. handle 23cm
  • Emptying time: 30sec
  • Throw length: 3-5m
  • Operating temperature: -10 to + 60 ° c
  • Brand: Dafo
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