A stove alarm and a stove guard are a cheap insurance against fire on the stove. In the event of overheating, the stove guard alarms with sound and light signals. The power to the stove is cut off before a fire has broken out.

AddOn is a completely new type of stove guard. With simplified installation, new sensor system and stylish design, AddOn is the most modern and secure stove guard ever.

Optional location

The new AddOn has a completely new sensor system. This means that the location of the stove guard is no longer crucial for you to be guaranteed safe and secure. With AddOn, the stove guard no longer needs to be placed directly over the stove, but can be placed anywhere around the stove – on the wall, in the cooker hood or on the side.

AddOn consists of two units:

1. A battery-powered sensor that is placed by the stove

2. A power control unit connected to the stove’s electrical outlet

The sensor unit and the power control unit have a preset wireless connection for easy installation. AddOn automatically identifies sensor location and stove type after installation. Simple button control and nice design make it discreetly fit into the kitchen.

AddOn warns in good time before the batteries run out. Even with intensive cooking, at least 3 years of battery life is guaranteed.


AddOn is approved according to CE and encapsulated according to IP 20. It also meets the new European standard for stove guards, EN 50615.

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