The City of Stockholm is implementing new initiatives and measures to continue to support the business community, this is something we want to draw attention to.

The green-blue political majority in Stockholm is for a lot of relief such as. that the permit unit will not charge any fees now in the coming year . The decision has not been made in the City Council yet, but since there is a political majority behind the proposal, the permit unit has decided that they will already stop charging fees, says unit manager Carina Cutlip.

One of the more talked about measures and reliefs is free outdoor seating for spring / summer 2021. This means that you who apply for a serving permit this year do not have to pay SEK 12,000 in processing fees.

Several examples of the measures planned to be taken this year:

● Rent reductions

● Free outdoor seating

● Fewer security guards for the restaurant industry.

● Shorter payment times to suppliers.

● Free time-limited building permits for outdoor cafes

More municipalities that have facilitated in a similar way include Jönköping and Linköping, to find out what applies in your particular municipality read more on the municipality’s website or contact us directly.

We at Krogarna hope that the proposals that are up for 2021 will go through, among other things, the measure where you will increase land leases more than usual for outdoor restaurants throughout 2021. Outdoor dining is something we all, regardless of pub owners or visitors, appreciate a little extra especially in these pandemic times.

We keep our fingers crossed!


Source: kronor-3078462

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