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Fire protection description (construction document) as it is called in the first place and or fire protection documentation (relationship document) as it is called when construction has been completed and we have inspected.

According to the Alcohol Act, it is required that your premises and business meet the requirements for good fire safety in order to obtain a permit to serve alcohol. With good fire safety means that the fire protection must be adapted to the business and that a functioning fire protection work is carried out.

Our partner Brandexperten , which is a comprehensive supplier in fire and evacuation, helps you through the entire process with a fire protection documentation.

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About the Fire Expert:

The fire expert is a comprehensive supplier in fire and evacuation. They offer services, products and training that help you get effective fire protection and a sense of security in being able to handle difficult situations. The fire expert operates all over the country and provides the market’s broadest program of fire protection, work environment & first aid.

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