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Do you know what to do if a guest or colleague puts in the throat or collapses lifeless in the restaurant? Every year, about 6,000 people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest outside hospitals in Sweden.

The Work Environment Act contains rules on obligations for employers and other safety officers to prevent ill health and accidents at work.

In the training Cardiopulmonary resuscitation with defibrillators and first aid , we go through the theoretical parts of the subject. In the videos, we go through how to do to save lives and can practice this practically on a colleague or relative.

The purpose of this web-based course is to be able to flexibly train more people in the community in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid, thereby saving more lives. The latest research emphasizes the importance of exercising frequently (LDHF, Low Dose High Frequency), with this web course this becomes super easy.

The goal for you when you have completed this course is that you should feel brave and confident to be able to pull in when a colleague, fellow human being, close relative or a complete stranger becomes acutely ill or collapses lifeless.

The course takes about 4 hours to complete. You can divide it on several occasions, based on what suits you best. After you have passed the final exam, you will receive a course certificate in PDF that certifies your theoretical knowledge in the subject.

This training is vital, which is why we have set the price so low for you to train your entire staff and for private individuals to be able to complete the course. You have access to the training for 60 days and during that period can repeat the content as many times as you want.

Course moment

In the education, we go through the following elements:
Cardiac arrest
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
How to perform CPR
Recovery position
How to use a defibrillator
Chest pain
Respiratory arrest
Cramps & epilepsy
Neck & back injury


The educator and creator of this education is Life in Mind with the founder Camilla Thurell. Camilla Thurell is a nurse and has long worked in emergency pediatric care and driven an ambulance. For over 20 years, Camilla has trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and for 10 years she runs the company Life in Mind. Camilla is an expert in CPR and first aid, she is recognized as a regular guest on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon and other media.

Teacher-led films

The entire education includes teacher-led films. Camilla will show you step by step how cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid are done. Camilla goes through all the steps pedagogically with a clear and distinct voice.


After each part of the training, you need to complete a partial exam with a passed result, 100%, in order for the next step to be unlocked. This is to ensure that you have not missed important information in the training.

The tests consist of questions and answer alternatives. You choose the right answer by clicking in your choice. For some questions, several answer options may be correct and you will then need to click on several options.

Towards the end of your education, you will take a final exam where your knowledge will be tested again.

Course Certificate / Diploma

After completing and passing the training, you will receive a course certificate, which you save in PDF format. The diploma shows that you have completed a quality-assured education and obtained theoretical skills regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation with defibrillators for adults and first aid.

Help & Support

We at Krogarna.se are always available for you. Do not hesitate to call, or email kundtjanst@krogarna.se if you have questions or concerns.

Call us directly on 010-139 19 90


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