can offer lectures on site in your premises according to your needs. We lecture in everything from the Alcohol Act and AAS to food hygiene. Maybe you want to combine an interactive education with an on-site education. Everything is possible, contact us and we will tailor a solution for you.

Alcohol Act, 2 days

We can offer you this education wherever in the country you are under these conditions:

  • You are responsible for food (for the participants), accommodation and conference rooms at a location outside Stockholm.
  • In addition to the two-day training, our interactive training is always included. Serving permit for each participant.


Responsible Alcohol Serving, 1 day

We usually do this training on site with you for your staff. We address the legal spaces your employees need to have knowledge of, how they can work and concrete stories from reality.

Areas we address are:

  • Alcohol policy
  • Swedish Alcohol Act
  • Drugs on the hook
  • When the authorities come to visit
  • Area of responsibility of the staff.

Contact us for a quote

Email or call us directly on 010-157 80 82

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