In this training, Emma Hedge and Elin Häggeborn, from the Swedish Consumer Agency, go through the rules regarding the marketing of alcoholic beverages. During the education, real examples and violations that have previously been committed are presented so that you as a student can take advantage of the regulations in practice. A very good and practical education to have in your luggage for you who in one way or another work with marketing.

About the education

The purpose of the education is to provide a holistic approach to the regulations for marketing alcohol. The training is aimed at you as a permit holder, wholesaler and for you who work for one of these parties, for example an advertising agency, as well as all those who want to gain more knowledge about the rules regarding alcohol advertising.

After the training, you have the theoretical knowledge required to judge for yourself where, how and when you may market alcoholic beverages and what counts as marketing of these.

The education addresses the issues below, among other things:

– Does the law differ depending on where you market the alcohol?
– What should you keep in mind when marketing alcohol on social media?
– What does the picture rule mean?
– When can you include alcohol in an advertisement?
– Can you market a discount on alcohol, for example at Happy Hour?
– How does a review of alcohol advertising go?
– Who is responsible for a violation of advertising of alcoholic beverages?

The education is approved and reviewed by the Swedish Consumer Agency.


The training is online with films in interview format. There, two lawyers from the Swedish Consumer Agency are interviewed who explain the law on the marketing of alcohol.

The experts tell in a clear and distinct voice. The information that the lawyers tell is important and you can rewind both forwards and backwards in the films at any time. You can watch the films (and the questions) as many times as you want during your training period, which is 6 months, even when the tests have been completed.


After each film, a sample is presented. These samples have a barrier of 90%. This means that you must be at least 90% right before you can continue in the education. That is, by passing a partial exam, you unlock the next part of the education.

The tests consist of questions and answer alternatives. You choose the right answer by clicking in your choice. For some questions, several answer options may be correct and you will then need to click on several options.

Towards the end of your education, you will take a final exam where your knowledge will be tested again.


Course Certificate / Diploma

After completing your education with us at, you will receive a course certificate, which you save in pdf format. This document shows that you have a quality-assured education in Alcohol Advertising. The education is approved and reviewed by the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Help & Support

We at are always available for you. Do not hesitate to call, or email if you have questions or concerns.

Call us directly on 010-157 80 82


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