This training in the Alcohol Act is for you who we avoid advertising in the training and who do not want to be contacted by sponsors with good offers. If you still want good offers from the company sponsors, you can contact us at Krogarna directly.

About the education

This education is available in Swedish, English and Arabic. If you wish to have access to the English or Arabic education in the Swedish alcohol legislation, you need to register an account at the following link

The education Serving license is structured so that you will get the right knowledge in the Alcohol Act in a simple and educational way. This training ensures that you get the right knowledge for each part by unlocking the next part only when you have passed the knowledge requirement on the part before.

The training takes place in our training platform, ie it is online. This education in the Alcohol Act contains films, partial exams, final exams and course materials. After passing the final exam, you will receive a course certificate that you can put up at your restaurant to show that you have good knowledge of the Alcohol Act.

For those of you who are to take the knowledge test in the Alcohol Act at the municipality, this training is tailored for you to pass the test on the first try. The tests in the education are namely structured in the same way as the knowledge test at the municipality.

The course contains these areas:

  • alcohol
  • vigilance
  • to serve
  • Comedy, local and equipment


The trainer in the course is Mattias Högstedt, who is also the founder of Mattias works in the past as a police and work official, among other things, with civilian stays and uniforms in restaurants, nightclubs and cafeterias. Mattias has also given conferences on the Alcohol and Alcoholic Responsible Party, which serves both government, pubs and restaurant staff. Mattias has also assisted restaurant owners in obtaining their service licenses to represent these companies as agents, consulting our agent service.

The structure of education

The Service Permit Program contains 5 masterpieces directed by masters. To get all the information you need, it’s important that you review all the relevant topics. To progress in the education debes pass each part. You can revise all the questions and videos as many times as possible during the capacitance period.

Prepare for proof

The tests in this education have the same structure as the test in the municipality. The tests consist of questions with different answering options, giving one or more alternatives that can be corrected.

If you have any educational questions, you can try to get rid of the next part, in order to be sure to obtain the correct and sufficient knowledge. It takes 90% to get a test and you can continue your education. After the test, you can see which alternatives are correct and which are incorrect.

Once you have completed all the tests and submissions, you will have a final test where you will try your knowledge throughout the program. When you have tried the test, you can download your course certificate, now you are also ready to take the test in the municipality.

course material

You can also write material on the course you can access and you can download the line directly when you start the session on your account. The course material is found in the course ”MATERIAL DEL CURSO”, for example, puede ser bueno leer ”Apoyo a la Ley del Alcohol”. Do you need the course material in English or year? Lo tenemos.

the certificates of the course

When you have completed all the program, you will receive a course certificate that you can download in pdf format. This is a certified diploma / certificate that has a sufficient and correct Swedish alcohol license.

Help and support

If you have any questions about the survey, we will always be available for you in Krogarna. We are contacted by chat, telephone or e-mail.

E-mail to the following director

Call us directly at 010-139 19 90


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