Sponsored education in alcohol status

Together with our sponsors, we now make it possible for restaurateurs and staff around the country to train in the Alcohol Act via the training Serving license at a very favorable price. The training is aimed at those people in the company who are to take the knowledge test at the municipality or at those who just want to refresh their knowledge of the Alcohol Act.

Our sponsors

Our sponsors are introduced in a film at the beginning of the training. If you want to read more about our sponsors and what makes them good suppliers, click here: Sponsors

About the education

You who buy the Sponsored education can choose between taking the course in Swedish, English or Arabic. To take part in the training in English or Arabic, you need to create an account in our system, after which you can access these training. You create your account here: https://prov.krogarna.se/register

Serving license is a simple and pedagogical education for you who need the right knowledge of the Alcohol Act. The education is online and is structured with films, course material, partial exams and final exams. When you have passed all parts of the education and the final exam, you will receive a course certificate that certifies that you now have good knowledge of the Alcohol Act. The tests in the education are structured in the same way as at the municipality, so for you who need to pass the test there have all the prerequisites to get a good result on your knowledge test.

If you want to attend the education without advertising, there is an opportunity for that in our education system.

The course touches on these areas:

  • Alcohol policy
  • Supervision
  • Serving
  • Food, premises & equipment


The lecturer of the course is Mattias Högstedt who is also the founder of Krogarna.se. Mattias is a former police officer who previously worked with, among other things, civilians and uniformed supervisors at restaurants, nightclubs and cafés. As a police officer, he gave lectures on the Alcohol Act and responsible alcohol serving. Mattias has over 10 years of experience in the industry and annually helps about a hundred restaurant owners to apply for a permit for alcohol serving.

Educational videos

This training contains 5 teacher-led films. It is important to go through all these videos carefully so that you take in all the information. You must complete the first part for the next part to be unlocked. You can fast forward and rewind the movies at any time. You can watch both the movies and the questions as many times as you want, even when the tests are completed.

Test as with the municipality

The tests in this education are set up in the same way as the knowledge test at the municipality and have questions and answers. You choose the right answer by clicking on your choice, sometimes several options are right.

When you have gone through an educational film, you will have to take a partial test that tests your knowledge. All our exams in this education have a barrier of 90%. Which means you have to be at least 90% right before you can move on to the next step in your education. By passing a partial exam, you unlock the next part of the education.

When you have passed all the subtests and come to the end of your education, you will have to take a final exam where your knowledge will be tested again. When you have passed the test, you can pick up your diploma and book an appointment for the knowledge test with the municipality if you have not already done so. You can also choose to repeat the training one more time to rehearse.

Course material

Once you are in the education system, there is a tab called ”COURSE MATERIAL” here you will find documents that you can print or read on the screen.

One material that is good if you read through is SUPPORT FOR THE ALCOHOL. The course material is available in Swedish, English and Arabic.

Course Certificate / Diploma

After completing your education with us at Krogarna.se, you will receive a course certificate, which you save in pdf format. This document shows that you have a solid education within the Swedish Alcohol Act.

Help & Support

We at Krogarna.se are always available for you. Do not hesitate to call, or email kundtjanst@krogarna.se if you have questions or concerns.

Call us directly on 010-157 80 82

Unique offers

Thanks to our good collaborations, we at Krogarna.se can offer very good prices and offers. Contact kundtjanst@krogarna.se

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