Fire in a deep fryer, grill, frying table or other kitchen equipment is always dangerous. It can spread incredibly fast in the large amounts of oil stored in filters, covers and ventilation ducts. The risk of total fire is great.
Ordinary carbon dioxide extinguishers are not enough, larger and more advanced extinguishing systems are required. Our partner Brandexperten provides Ansulex fire extinguishing systems that are adapted for the kitchen, regardless of whether it is a small barbecue kiosk or a large restaurant kitchen.

Ansulex fire extinguishing system is the world’s most used fire extinguishing system for restaurant kitchens and is used by e.g. a number of international hotel and restaurant chains e.g. McDonald’s and Burger King. The extinguishing agent is a liquid which quickly quenches the fire and which emulsifies with the fat and forms a dense foam layer which prevents retransmission.

Ansulex släcksystem kök

The facility is made to blend well into a modern restaurant environment. The control panel with container and release mechanism is built into a stainless steel cabinet. The equipment takes up little space and can normally be placed immediately under the roof or even above the ceiling to save floor and bench space.

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The fire expert is a comprehensive supplier in fire and evacuation. They offer services, products and training that help you get effective fire protection and a sense of security in being able to handle difficult situations. The fire expert operates all over the country and provides the market’s broadest program of fire protection, work environment & first aid.

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