Do you want to appeal an authority decision?

We help with the appeal all the way up to the Administrative Court if needed. specializes in laws and regulations concerning serving permits and tobacco permits. We at Krogarna represent a large number of licensees every year both in terms of incorrect interventions, such as warning and revocation, as well as rejection decisions.

It is important that you appeal the authority’s decision to the appropriate court within the right time. We make sure that everything is correct.

Help with the appeal means:

  • We go through your conditions in your case
  • We review your financing plan for your business
  • We check the suitability of the people with significant influence in the business
  • We handle all contact with authorities, including helping to respond to referral opinions, until you have received your permission.
  • Telephone support from us every day of the week during the process
  • This means that you obviously save a lot of time as we do it correctly from the start. We take care of all the intricacies and you can concentrate on your business


If you have questions and concerns, you can either email or call us directly on 010-139 19 90.


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