In the restaurant industry, it is not only important that the menu is updated, rich in content and relevant. But also that it is spelled correctly, which is not always a self-confidence in everyone. Through the ages, we have noticed some specific words that are somehow always misspelled. We have listed these dishes in 10 points that we at Krogarna experience as misspelled more than usual.

1. Creme brulee

A real classic among desserts is the French creme brulée. Crème brûlée, is a dessert where the most important ingredients are sugar, eggs, cream, milk and vanilla. It is often cooked in separate serving bowls in the oven, sometimes in a water bath, and served cold with a thin, caramelized layer of sugar on the surface.

2. Tiramisu

Another classic that is most often on menus and unfortunately appears quite often misspelled is the Italian dessert Tiramisu. It is made from zabaione and mascarpone, which you wrap over coffee-soaked Italian dry sugared ”biscuits” that absorb the liquid from both the coffee but also from the zabaion when the dessert is allowed to stand for a while and absorb.

Beef bourguignon

Boeuf bourguignon is a French recipe for a rich, wine-cooked meat stew. The dish is French home cooking and originally comes from the region of Burgundy. The dish is actually called bœuf à la bourguignonne, but even in France it is usually called bœuf bourguignon.

4. Bouillabaisse

Regardless of the season, bouillabaisse is always good. It has its roots on the French Mediterranean coast and is therefore naturally accustomed to warm climates. Now it’s like that, that we up here in the high north mostly have it much cooler than by the Mediterranean, but the bouillabaisse is just as good for it. In the autumn rush or winter darkness, it instead becomes a warming, fragrant and juicy fish dish.

5. Moussaka

Moussakan is a dish that is perhaps most associated with Greece but is eaten extensively throughout the Balkans and the Middle East. The mainstay of the gratin is eggplant and minced meat combined with crushed tomatoes, onions, cheese sauce and a lot of delicious spices.

Green haricouts

Green beans are a vegetable. The plant is low and should be harvested early. Green beans are broad beans that are harvested early and this vegetable is often used as an order on the side or for extra flavor.

7. Ceviche

Ceviche is a classic fish dish from Peru that goes well with starters.

8. Tom kha gai

Tom kha gai, soup with galangal and chicken, is a classic Thai soup. The balance between the three S’s in the soup should be as follows – first you should feel the acid then the sweetness and finally the saltiness.

9. Pho

Phở is a Vietnamese dish consisting of noodle soup. It usually contains beef or chicken along with spices and rice noodles. It is often served in simple fast food restaurants at low prices at all times of the day. It is usually eaten with chopsticks and a spoon.

10. Foie Gras

Foie gras is the liver of geese or ducks, which have been unnaturally fertilized to make their liver extra oily. This dish is more of a French delicacy and is not often eaten on regular occasions.

Which of these 10 dishes do you find difficult to spell?

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