The month of August is here and in addition to the fact that it is now officially late summer, the crayfish season has also arrived. If you have not already had your party, it’s high time to start inviting you to this year’s lobster plate. According to tradition here in Sweden, we eat crayfish in August and a bit into September. This is from the time when it was still forbidden to fish for crayfish between 1 November and 7 August.

Below we have listed 5 different tips for keeping a successful lobster slice.

1. Important with napkins & lemon water
When crayfish are eaten with our hands, do not forget to refill with a lot of napkins and a bowl of fresh lemon water. Another tip is to use wet wipes, to be able to easily wash between dishes.

2. Before the play break
It can be good to have a short break during the meal, to stretch or to socialize more. Prepare a fun quiz and let the guests breathe a little before the next round of crayfish is ingested.

3. Decorate properly
Pick up the cancer’s wonderful red color in the table setting, garlands and flowers. Keep in mind that green, red and yellow are the colors of the crayfish slices.
Use a kitchen towel as a tablet that can also be used to dry yourself. Much more environmentally friendly than napkins.

4. Arrange a songbook

Of course, the schnapps includes a bit of singing. Make it easier for guests by collecting the best snap songs that you print and copying up to everyone. An appreciated feature that unites and enhances the party for those who do not know all the snaps songs by heart.

5. Thaw the crayfish well in advance
Last but not least, keep in mind that crayfish are the tastiest when they are allowed to thaw slowly in the fridge. So prepare and let them lie in the fridge for at least 2 days before it’s time for the crayfish party itself.

Psst !: Remember that it is also important to have non-alcoholic alternatives available to your guests. Not everyone drinks beer or schnapps. It is also good for everyone else to unwind so the party lasts longer into the late summer night.


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