Restaurants and hotels are now being hit hard in the suites by the corona virus, covid-19. Staff are being laid off and many short-term employees are now out of work. At the same time, the restaurants are struggling with cancellations and tables that are empty. We at, together with experts and restaurateurs, have put together a list of tips that restaurants can use now in times of crisis.

Offer food on take away
Go out with information that you offer food on take away. Make sure that the food is still laid out nicely, then guests can get the feeling of a restaurant visit at home. Maybe you have the opportunity to offer a discount on take away or even home delivery?

Launch gift cards
All revenue is important to the survival of restaurants. Assume that you sell gift cards that guests can use at a later time. The regulars at your restaurant should be there for you in wet and dry!

Increase the distances between the tables
If possible, increase the distances between all tables and try to place the guests at longer distances from each other.

Remove buffet and self-service
Remove the buffet and replace it with plate serving. Avoid having cutlery, straws, bread, etc. in containers where guests can take their own.

Before waiting list if you have already fully booked
Now that cancellations are more frequent than ever before, make sure you have a waiting list if it is fully booked. In this way, the chances of being able to fill up the tables increase.

Extend cleaning routines
Good hygiene and cleanliness in restaurant environments are always important. Now in times of virus, make sure that toilets, door handles, card terminals, etc. are cleaned often. Double check that soap, rubbing alcohol, disposable towels and toilet paper are always available in the toilets.

Set up routines for the staff
Remind staff to wash their hands regularly, use plastic gloves if necessary and, above all, stay home if you feel unwell.

In summary, these are tough times right now for the entire hospitality industry. Make sure to keep up to date on the Swedish Public Health Agency’s website to follow the development of the coronavirus and the authorities’ latest recommendations. We at encourage everyone to support their local restaurants and pubs.

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