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We at Krogarna are proud to share that the first study trips in the EKO bus project will take place soon. Through this project, those who work in the private restaurant sector have the opportunity to in an inspiring way increase their knowledge of organically produced food and how to work with sustainability in the best way.

The project is linked to the government’s assignment for the Swedish food strategy and is largely financed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The expected effect and the main purpose of the EKO bus’s journeys is to increase sales of Swedish organically produced food. The project is led by Jens Vikingsson and Josefine Larsson, who both have solid experience of working with restaurants and various players in the industry. Until the autumn of 2023, they will arrange a total of 30 inspired study trips around Sweden.

During two full days, the participants get, among other things:

● Continuing education about organic production and how to work with sustainability

● Visit several different producers and processors (primarily in the county where you operate)

● Share experiences and knowledge with other restaurateurs and producers

● Participate in exciting conversations and discussions

Opportunity to find new exciting raw materials and suppliers

● Establish new contacts and networks

Before the trip, each participant will also receive training material and information about the activities to be visited. To participate in the trip, the participant must take part in a shorter digital start-up lecture and pay a participation fee (1600 ex VAT).

Want to know more?

For more information and registration for the study trips, visit

The EKO bus’s trips in the autumn of 2021

Örebro County (Örebro), 20–21 September, inspirer: Anders Johnsson (Eco-Chef of the Year 2020, owner of the CV kitchen in Örebro)

Östergötland County (Linköping), 27–28 September, inspirer: Johanna Nystedt (Food creator and project manager Vänneberga farm)

Västra Götaland County (Gothenburg), October 4-5, inspirer: Patrik Sewerin (chef Gunnebo Slott)

Kronoberg County (Växjö), 11–12 October, inspirer; Gustav Hector (owner and chef for several restaurants)

Blekinge County (Karlskrona), 18 – 19 October


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