The fashion industry was the first to do this, but now the live shopping trend is spreading to more and more industries. Now Söderhallarna in Stockholm will also hop on the train and invest in live shopping with a focus on food and drink under the name Saluhall Live. Starting in mid-October, Söderhallarna will, with the help of traders and food profiles, offer livestreamed food inspiration twice a month. Viewers are then given the opportunity to click home the products they have on the screen in the meantime.

Who does live shopping?

Saluhall live is led by the profile Mattias Celinder.

During the past year, many have had time to deepen their interest in food and discover how
the world of food and drink is fun. Therefore, we want to encourage this and at the same time, by digitizing our offer, make our offer available to a wider audience across the country.

First out in Saluhall Live will be Melanders Fisk from Söderhallarna and its founder, Nisse Molinder. Others who will take part in this are master chef winner Christin Kashou and comedian Nisse Hallberg.

At Melanders, we want to be more than a fish shop and restaurant. We want to entertain and surprise our customers while we always strive to develop the industry. We were early with pub bags and last year I organized a fishing school on YouTube. In Saluhall Live, we take the next step together with our colleagues in Söderhallarna, says Nisse Molinder at Melanders Fisk.

Success concept from China

The trend ”live video shopping” has made a big impact in Sweden in 2021 and can be compared to an interactive version of a TV shop. In China, where the trend is greatest, live shopping accounts for 15–20% of all their e-commerce. The Swedish live video company Bambuser has now taken the trend to the western world and it has received a real boost during the pandemic. Now it remains to be seen how live shopping can take the food industry by storm.


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