Before 16 May, the Swedish Public Health Agency extended the then restrictions to 1 June. They also presented relief from the restrictions ahead of the summer that we have all been waiting for, especially the restaurant industry. As of today, we can see some relief in the form of, among other things, extended opening hours for restaurants and restaurants. However, the Public Health Agency continues to point out how important it is that distance is still maintained and that we pay attention to symptoms.

What are the new guidelines, from 1 June?

For outdoor events with designated seating, the number is increased to 500 participants. For outdoor events without designated seating, the ceiling is raised to 100 people.

Restaurants, bars and cafés may be open a little longer, until 10.30 pm. Alcohol may be served until 22:00. However, there are still four people per table and at least one meter between the parties.

From 1 June, permanent amusement parks such as Gröna Lund and Liseberg, markets and exercise races will be able to open, but with requirements for infection control measures.

The number of people at sports competitions, theater and concerts and other public gatherings and public events indoors is still 8 people, but if everyone is seated, up to 50 people can be allowed.

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