We are proud to offer an online education together with Life in Mind that can actually save lives! Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid everyone should have knowledge of. We have invited Camilla Thurell, founder of Life in Mind, to write a guest post.

The year was 2013, I had just started my company Life in Mind, which would train people in CPR and first aid.

The phone rang and the man introduced himself as Mattias from Krogarna.se . He asked if I had not considered doing CPR training in web format so we could collaborate and easily reach out to many customers in the restaurant industry, via their platform Krogarna.se . I was highly skeptical, how would it go? No… Here we will have traditional physical education in place. It was a crazy idea.

Now is the year 2020, a lot has happened in both the world and in Life in Mind since that conversation from mattias 2013. And it is now THAT has happened;

Life in Mind has created web-based training in CPR and first aid !. We have probably never been more proud to finally make it flexible, accessible, modern and cost-effective to train our staff in saving lives.

Who do you think will call us then, again !? Dear Mattias – shame on the one who gives up and OF COURSE we will collaborate with Krogarna.se , it is a given!

In the restaurant industry in particular, I think these educations are extra important. It is a public place, where many people move AND what do you do in a restaurant? Yes, you eat food, so right here there is a great risk that someone puts it in your throat. Failure to open the object during a respiratory arrest will lead to cardiac arrest within a few minutes.

It is also the case that our public diseases are increasing in society and with good medication and knowledge we live longer nowadays, and can live a fairly normal life and stay in a restaurant, despite serious public diseases. This means that acute cases of illness increase in the community, such as stroke, diabetes or chest pain – which of course can happen when you are out at a restaurant. Do you know what to do if someone suffers from severe chest pain in your area? Or puts in the throat, gets a stroke or collapses unconscious?

With web-based CPR, we really have the opportunity to reach EVERYONE. And that’s exactly how you save lives. In emergency situations, it is important that someone who is right next to the person can act directly, and then everyone in the staff needs to be trained in CPR and first aid.

The old days where you would gather 15 people for three hours outside opening hours are over. Now each employee with their own user account can do the course there and when it suits them. We at Life in Mind feel incredibly happy to start a collaboration with Krogarna.se to give the restaurant industry the opportunity to train its staff in a smooth and completely brand new way to be able to save lives. Let us create safe restaurants for both guests and employees.

Until we meet again;
Three quick tips if a guest or colleague puts in your throat.
Encourage them to cough
If the person is unable to cough or does not make any sounds:
2. Punch / hit five times hard between the shoulder blades
Press five times hard with a clenched fist, just above the navel.
Repeat until it comes up. If the person becomes unconscious; start cardiopulmonary resuscitation!

You will find online training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid here .

We look forward to hearing from you!
Camilla Thurell, founder of Life in Mind

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