We do not think that many people have missed that more and more people are choosing to become vegans and the vegan trend is growing both at home in the kitchens and in the restaurants. Today, vegan restaurants are opening one by one with a focus on healthy and wholesome food, while more and more ”regular” restaurants are choosing to offer not only vegetarian on the menu, but more vegan dishes. Only in Stockholm does it grow so that it knocks when it comes to more vegan offerings. How did this come about?

When did it start?

Veganism has been around longer than we think, even though it was more for religious or cultural reasons then. It is only in the last 30 years that it has become a trend that is seen and followed. Today, veganism is no longer just about, for example, animal husbandry issues, but is for more and more a question also about health and a sustainable lifestyle. For a long time, references to vegan or vegan food in traditional media were often negative. And when it comes to finding recipes or dishes in restaurants … well, for the most part, meat-free options have long been something unusual on the market.

In other industries

This trend has increasingly begun to reach other industries in addition to the restaurant industry. For example, the cosmetics industry – where, for example, you see more and more vegan brands – and the dietary supplement industry. Where it is becoming more and more forbidden or ethically wrong to test on animals. Much today is also about more than just animal husbandry, today it is largely about health, sustainability and ethics.

It’s exciting to see how long this vegan trend will last, but one thing is for sure. We humans are becoming increasingly interested in what we eat and how our food is produced. Do you usually choose vegan or vegetarian when you go out to eat?

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