Novelty! Now the City of Gothenburg and the municipality of Kungälv have also decided to remove the fees for serving permits and alcohol supervision in 2021. This means that you who apply for a serving permit in Gothenburg or Kungälv during the year do not have to pay any fee for the application. Even you who already have a serving permit in Gothenburg or Kungälv will not receive an invoice for the supervision fee in 2021. The City of Stockholm has previously also made the same decision.

Therefore, take the opportunity to submit an application. Maybe you already have a café but now want to change the business and expand with alcohol? Maybe you have always had a dream of opening a restaurant and now have the opportunity to come across a local cheaply? We at can help with the entire application process! Together with our sponsors, we at make it possible for restaurateurs and staff around the country to train in the Alcohol Act via our training Serving license at a reasonable price. The serving permit training is for you who need the right knowledge in the Alcohol Act to pass the municipality’s knowledge test. The education is digital and is structured with films, course material, partial exams and final exams. We have the education in Swedish, English and Arabic.

The training to pass the municipality’s knowledge test can be found here:

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