Given how the years 2020 and 2021 have been with the Corona pandemic and how important it has become to prevent the spread of infection, this education could not be more appropriate. In the near future, we will launch a new education that will be about how to best protect your food system from infection. Josefine Larsson is a course lecturer, she is an expert in food hygiene and founder of the company Swedish Food Quality. Josefine has extensive experience in supporting various types of restaurants, cafés and other activities in matters relating to food handling and self-control.

What will the education be about?

In this training, we will go through what to think about and how to work to prevent any infection from spreading in a business . They are about understanding what can go wrong and what you can do do to reduce the risk of errors. Much of the training is about acquiring more knowledge about food and how to perform self-monitoring.

Where and how will the training be carried out?

The entire education is done online with us at There are also other courses in food that may be suitable for you and your colleagues.

How many parts does the education consist of?

It consists of several sections. Below are some of the parts:
The first section is bacteria and viruses. Josefine goes through how those who work in a food business should always work preventively to prevent someone from getting sick. Another section is r cleaning routines and what to keep in mind when cleaning ing. Josefine also goes through some factors that can be of great importance in preventing infection in a serving. The last part is security measures. Here we go into more depth on how to best secure and protect your food plant.

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