We are in a pandemic with all that entails. We probably all agree that Christmas in 2020 will look different from other Christmases. Something we do not have to worry about, however, is the flavors of the Christmas food that many of us have longed for. How should the restaurants think and proceed so that the guests still dare to enjoy a classic Christmas table and feel safe on site?

Combination of buffet and table service to avoid crowds
Maybe it is possible to redirect so that all dishes are served à la carte at the table? Or is it possible to have certain dishes as table service? For example, all cold dishes can be served at the table but that it is hot food buffet.

According to the National Food Administration, it is not the food itself or the cutlery that spreads the infection. What contributes to the spread of infection is if there are infected guests or employees in the room and there is congestion and if people are close to each other.

Portion forms and cut food
Many dishes on the Christmas table can be served in portion forms. It is faster for the guests to take portion forms from the buffet than to take from e.g. a large gratin. Some dishes that are suitable to have in portion forms are, Janson’s temptation and desserts. Cut up what goes in the kitchen so that the guest does not have to cut it himself, it can be, for example, Christmas ham, bread, cheeses, etc. Cutting food takes time for guests and congestion and queues arise. Make sure you have everything ready for cutting.

Extended hygiene routines
Several restaurants have now begun to take the fever on guests and employees to allow them to enter the premises. We think smart as fever can be a symptom of covid-19. It is important to point out to guests and employees that no one with the slightest symptoms of corona is allowed into the room. Make sure all guests take hand alcohol before entering the room. Offer plastic gloves and mouth guards if any guest or employee wants them. Wipe contact surfaces regularly. Have alcohol at the beginning of the buffet. Paper towels in the toilets. The list of hygiene routines can be made long!

Abolish traditional sitting times
Restaurants normally have seating times at the Christmas table. To avoid congestion in the entrance, wardrobe and at the buffet, it may be appropriate not to have sitting times so that all guests do not come and go at the same time.

Abolish the cancellation policy
Many restaurants now choose not to charge a fee for late cancellations if a guest is ill. This should be a matter of course in times of virus, sick guests should stay at home.

Market the measures you have taken to be able to offer a safe Christmas celebration
Guests want to know in advance what measures the restaurant has taken to limit the spread of infection. On the website, in the booking confirmation, social media, etc., market what exactly you are doing to limit the spread of infection.

Christmas table on take away
Risk groups and those who do not dare to go to your restaurant may still want to be able to enjoy a Christmas meal, but at home, offer a complete Christmas table on take away. Maybe you can offer free home delivery if you order for a certain number of people?

Educate staff in hygiene
What hygiene routines do you have at your facility? Maybe everyone in the staff should update their knowledge of hygiene, not least in these times. Krogarna.se offers hygiene training that is suitable for everyone in the staff who work at a restaurant. You can read more about the update course in hygiene here

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