The restaurants have had a tough year during the pandemic and now there is a major staff shortage throughout the industry. Many who were previously employed in service professions have been forced to terminate their employment as they often worked only as hourly employees. Now that society is about to reopen, it is difficult for employers to attract experienced staff back to the industry. What causes the shortage of staff in the restaurant industry, which according to the union experiences twice as high unemployment as any other industry.

Changed outlook on life

In the previous years leading up to the pandemic, there were many young people and young adults whose employment contracts entailed a great deal of uncertainty as to whether they worked in the restaurant industry. When visitors stayed at home and the innkeepers worked under restrictions, many lost their jobs. Unfortunately, a clear majority of those who lost their income were young hourly workers. It has left its mark and many have changed their preferences when it comes to which contracts they want to work with.

Uncertain employment contracts

The consequences of the pandemic and the sharply rising unemployment that arose in Sweden made many people think. The Swedish young people who previously lived from one salary to the next got something to think about. In the current situation, young people value secure jobs to a greater extent than before. This may partly explain the shortage of staff in the restaurant that has arisen.

The customer experience is deteriorating

It is not only the entrepreneurs who feel the lack of staff in the restaurant industry. Customers are also reminded that there is a lack of staff when they visit an outdoor restaurant. All customers are even denied service as a result of the restaurants not being able to hire enough staff to meet the rising demand that follows in the wake of the eased restrictions.


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