This is something many people talk about, but what exactly is sustainability? Sustainable development is not just about the environment. It is also a question of the social and economic aspect of how we make the planet live on this planet. According to the UN definition, sustainable development is ”a development that satisfies today’s needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs”.

What are sustainable restaurants?

Sustainable restaurants are a collaboration made together with several well-known players both within and outside the industry. It is a network of restaurants that jointly want to work towards a more sustainable business. The organization is a growing network, which today includes about forty restaurants in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö and soon also in Umeå. This network, which aims to create a more sustainable restaurant industry, collaborates with the support of WWF, Visita, the City of Gothenburg, the City of Malmö, Saltå Kvarn, Löfbergs, Diskteknik and Mässrestauranger. The network is led by the consulting company U & We.

Sustainable Restaurants are not a specific label or an award. The idea of the initiative of this network is to get the restaurant industry to start an improvement work, which reaches all the way from the products the restaurant buys, to the guests who eat the finished dishes.

The focus is on five areas in the network: Food, Environment and Climate, Reco (ie work environment), Communication and Finance.

Restaurants that focus on sustainability:

If we specifically look at Stockholm, we have a couple of different restaurants that give that little bit extra when it comes to sustainability. The fact that restaurants are investing in sustainability is becoming an increasingly important requirement among Stockholmers and also tourists who are going out to eat. Menus based on organic and seasonal ingredients are becoming increasingly common in restaurant profiling. Are you looking for a sustainable dining experience in Stockholm? We at Krogarna have gathered a couple of restaurants that focus on sustainability and climate-smart food.

Debaser Pontoon

From May to September, the KRAV-labeled restaurant Debaser Pontonen is open on the water in Hornstull. Here they work with 100 percent organic dairy products and eggs, partly organic vegetables and Swedish meat. The brewed coffee, house wines and beer are also completely organic. The menu states the emission weight of each dish, so that you as a guest can make an informed choice.


You come to the culture house Nalen’s restaurant to eat Swedish classics with a modern twist. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner with a sustainability mindset. All food is prepared from scratch on seasonal ingredients, and Nalen’s focus has meant that they are now both KRAV-certified and Nordic Ecolabelled.


At Calexico’s you will find Mexican classics in both the kitchen and bar. All food and drink served is characterized by an environmental and sustainability mindset, as the restaurant is KRAV-certified and has gone the extra mile to reduce its climate footprint. As a guest, you will find out, for example, how high carbon dioxide emissions the various dishes have.

Is it important to you that a restaurant you visit has a sustainable business?


Nätverket Hållbara Restauranger

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