Stockholm can boast several restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars. Three of them have managed to get two, and in 2018 Frantzén became the first ever in Stockholm to be rewarded with three. The range of gourmet restaurants in Stockholm is large and the tasting adventure is very well in competition with any other city in the world. A star rating in the Michelin Guide is one of the most internationally coveted awards in the restaurant industry, and is usually accompanied by a lot of media attention. If the restaurant does not keep the level up, it can lose one or more stars, and this often means deterrence from visitors.

The very history of the Michelin guide began in 1900. Then the brothers André and Édouard Michelin released a guide for motorists in France. The brochure also included a list of restaurants, hotels and workshops along the French roads that stood out a little extra. Below, we thought we’d list some of these award-winning restaurants that offer an incredible dining experience.

Frantzén, Stockholm

A restaurant located in the heart of Stockholm. The only one in Sweden that has not 1 but 3 Michelin stars. Frantzén received a first star in the Michelin guide in 2009. In 2010, it was awarded two stars as one of four restaurants in the Nordic region. There are only 23 seats and most sit at a bar counter around the kitchen where one dish after another is prepared. There are also three regular tables in the restaurant and the final of the dishes is presented at these tables. The menu here is significantly more expensive, 3800 SEK per person excluding alcohol and other drinks.

Vollmers, Malmö

The restaurant was opened in 2011 by the brothers Ebbe and Mats Vollmer. The goal was from the beginning to create one of Sweden’s best restaurants. The restaurant seats 20 people, and the menu consists of seasonal tasting menus in Nordic cuisine. The restaurant was awarded a star in the prestigious Michelin Guide 2015, and in 2017 the number was increased to two. This is one of the few restaurants with several stars located outside Stockholm.

Oaxen krog, Stockholm

This restaurant offers Nordic flavors with local and ethically produced ingredients from Sweden. The restaurant itself is beautifully located by the Beckholm Bridge on Djurgården in Stockholm and is surrounded by water. Oaxen Krog was founded in 1994 by Magnus Ek and Agneta Green and was then located on the island of Oaxen in the Stockholm archipelago. In 2011, they closed the gates and reopened in 2013 at Djurgården. In addition to fantastic food, Oaxen Krog also has an incomparable architecture.

Sushi Sho, Stockholm

It was opened in the spring of 2014 by chef Calle Ishizaki, who previously worked at Akki Sushi at Medborgarplatsen. The restaurant has had a star in the Michelin Guide since 2016. The focus of this restaurant is traditional Tokyo sushi, so-called ”Edomae style” in the form of tasting menus. The restaurant seats 16 seated.

Sushi Sho only serves one menu, Omakase + Tsumami, which means small dishes and nigiri sushi. All guests at the bar are served at the same time in sessions – one serving at a time – directly from the chef. The menu varies according to season and range, however, it can not be made vegetarian as it always contains seafood.

Have you visited any of these restaurants yourself?

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