Another year is coming to an end and slowly but surely it is starting to get closer for Christmas dinner. To everyone’s delight, Christmas and this year’s Christmas table look to be in principle as usual again after last year’s restrictions. The buffet tables will be set, the Christmas tree will sparkle and the mulled wine will be perfectly heated. Even if you are thinking of booking an arranged Christmas table or setting up a Christmas table at home, we here at want to come up with tips on how a Christmas table can be made more sustainable and green.

Reduce the amount

Not uncommon at a Christmas table is that there is plenty of food. Try to reduce the amounts so that the food runs out and is actually consumed. Maybe not all herring varieties are needed, but choose two to three favorites. Think about what is usually left over and just make less of it, in this way the Christmas table can be both more economical and more sustainable as the amount is reduced. If there is food left over, try to eat it the next day, maybe you can invite the neighbors to a lunch on Christmas day or why not freeze what can be frozen!

Increase the vegetarian, locally grown and green dishes

To begin with, you can always try to choose more eco-labeled food such as EU-organic, KRAV or MSC. Then to make the Christmas table more sustainable is to find exciting recipes containing kale, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage and let these take place on the table, green dishes that otherwise easily end up outside our traditional food.

Replacing meat dishes is also a hot tip. Either to replace it with a completely vegetarian or vegan alternative, or to make small changes, such as replacing the minced meat which has a large negative environmental impact to minced game.

Potatoes, cabbage, onions and root vegetables are such that everything is grown in Sweden and in our neighboring countries, so feel free to use a lot of these on the Christmas table.

Hygiene and safe serving

Something we must continue to be very careful about is hygiene and that we ensure safe serving in order to continue to keep restrictions away. We have probably all learned a lesson in how important it is, especially in restaurant environments and the like. has courses that are suitable for these times and now is also the perfect opportunity to train your staff in the area. We have a course in food hygiene here and a course for infection-proof serving here .

To round this off, below are our tips on lovely Christmas tables that are arranged this year in Stockholm. These are also specifically chosen by us for their sustainability and use of Swedish raw materials.

Stadshuskällaren Stadshuset, Kungsholmen

Their Christmas table consists of herring table, cold cuts, cheese and bread and of course hot dishes. Everything on the Christmas table is composed and prepared in their kitchen with sustainable and carefully selected Swedish ingredients. As usual, Stadshuskällaren’s menu includes elements of game, forest and land. Not to mention, they also arrange special diets and vegetarian options upon request. Price for Christmas table: from SEK 595

Oaxen Slip – Djurgården

Like last year, this year they will serve their classic Christmas food directly at the table. In addition, they use the same concept as previous years out on the island of Oaxen with the best Nordic goods from local producers. All dishes are served at the table with classic servings such as herring & herring, salmon, cold cuts, desserts and coffee sweets as the traditions offer. Of course, there are good drink alternatives for this. This is done at the price of SEK 799 .

More tips on a sustainable, green and vegetarian Christmas table?

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