This year will be a little different regarding trend reconnaissance as previous trends may stand aside for the ongoing pandemic. This year, the focus has been very high on preventing the spread of infection and safety more than ever before. Not only because of Covid19 but also because we humans have begun to think more about future diseases and how we can prepare for them right now in advance. But if we put it aside and go into the depths of trend research. What are we going to see more of this year?

Keep your distance

Restaurants today are working on a new concept to be able to even have the opportunity to be open. It does this by keeping distance between the tables and all customers. Some make it more creative than others, for example with greenhouses and mannequins that separate between.

Change of premises

It is probably not an infectious trend, but just as it happened a hundred years ago, it is happening now as well. Due to restrictions and the fact that restaurants and nightclubs are forced to close late at night, many people move to other premises that are more hidden. This was a trend in the 1920s when alcohol was declared illegal to sell and ”underground” clubs were created. We would like to point out that it may be illegal to arrange activities in this way.

Take away

This is a service that has grown more than ever in its concept in the last year. Before, take-away could only be when you were going home late from the pub and stopped and bought food to take home. Today you can bring almost everything you want, everything from a three-course dinner to food products home.

Grocery store

After a few months, the grocery trade has landed at a 6% increase, twice as large an increase as a normal year. Of this, digital commerce accounts for the largest increase of 100% as grocery bags and home delivery became a more given alternative. The local continues to be most important when choosing a product, while trend breaks occur with increased focus on brands and organic, as well as reduced shopping habits. It is becoming more trendy to trade quality over quantity.


The pandemic has pushed for increased technology use at the restaurant, and there will be more apps, home delivery and even voice ordering. Human contact has been minimized incredibly much in the past year. When other people are seen as a danger of infection, we increasingly welcome technology in our everyday lives.

When the pandemic begins to recede, we will certainly return to at least parts of our old lives. There is an increasing need and desire to socialize and drink and eat together. So hold on, this pandemic will hopefully be over soon!

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