Food waste can occur when handling food, from storage to serving. We can divide the food we throw into two parts. On the one hand, the inevitable food waste where, for example, shells, bones and kernels are included and what can be avoided is thrown away, which is usually called food waste. We at Krogarna have collected some tips for you restaurateurs on how to best avoid food waste.

1. Examine where the food waste comes from.

You can see how big the food waste is and where in the kitchen it is thrown away the most, this way it will be easier to also save money for your business. The staff is also involved in this and becomes involved in the work of reducing food waste. By investigating food waste, you also show your staff that you care

2. Frozen food

It is always important to have fresh ingredients in a restaurant, but with frozen food, food waste can be reduced by about 47 percent. This is largely due to the fact that it is possible to use raw materials that are needed at the moment and save the leftovers in the freezer. Food that has been prepared and frozen before does not need as much to be prepared and served.

3. Reduce wastage on the buffet

Having large serving dishes with a lot of food on them may look appealing to restaurant visitors, but they have proven that smaller portions and less prepared food reduce food waste. Instead, you choose to change the food more often, then it is also fresher. Take the opportunity to also offer smaller plates to customers so that they have to go several times if they want more.

4. Take Away or doggy – behind

More and more people are asking for a doggy bag – to bring the food that you do not eat at the restaurant home. Almost like a take away even though you take your leftovers with you. This is a good alternative to offer to your visitors and in this way reduce throwing away half portions that remain. If you feel that this does not fit in well with the restaurant, then you can choose to serve smaller portions so that visitors eat all their food.

Do you usually try to eat everything you are served or do you leave food behind during restaurant visits?

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